Belas Business I e II

  • Location: Luanda Sul, Angola - África do Sul
  • Built Area: 25.340 m²

A planned neighborhood in the planned city. A business and residential complex. A condominium where the main human activities are met, so that its occupants or users can perform their routines for short walks. Activities such as live, work, leisure, guests were neatly divided into residential areas, commerce and leisure services, etc.

The AFA was chosen among other international firms to participate in some projects, supporting this urban complex. The first embryo of the entire complex Belas Shopping, still the only shopping mall in Angola, initially with 15,265.70 m2 of gross leasable area, opened in 2003, currently in the process of expansion.

In response, the AFA has designed the office buildings Belas Business I and Belas Business II, has constructed and Bela Business IV, now under development in the clipboard.

Concebido dentro do conceito de prédios inteligentes os “Green Buildings” e composto por duas torres com oito pavimentos tipo, para espaços corporativos de 704 m2 que podem ser flexibilizado conforme o layout do usuário.

Cada torre conta com ampla recepção se interligando através do mezzanino onde estão localizados os salões para convenções.

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