Ilha de Cajaíba

  • Location: São Francisco do Conde, Bahia - Brasil
  • Built Area: 1.051 ha m²

The Cajaíba Island entrepreneur, is located north of the Baía de Todos os Santos (Bay of All Saints)at the river mouth of the Subaé River 38 km from Salvador by sea and by road 67 km.

The Occupation Plan included the establishment of a condominium made for specific uses of hotels, residentials, sports and leisure, golf, shopping and services in support to the activities planned by the hotel, aiming to enjoy the beautiful local environmental characteristics, as well as the view that the gentle and rising topography proportionate, always preserving the local environment, and making it an
integral part of the project.

The total area is the result of the projections of the occupations with the units proposed by the project, reaching in both Alternative 1, and Alternative 2, respectively, a total of 186,326.77 m² (18.63 ha) and 162,481.05 m² (16.25 ha) with building occupations and 74,530.71 m² (7.45 ha) and 64,992.42 m² (6.50 ha) with paved areas and external support structures.

When they are added to the paved areas of the main road system, they reflect in an waterproofed area with a total occupation of 437,460.98 m² (43.75 ha) and 404,076.97m² (40.41 ha) in the case of alternative 1 and 2, respectively.

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