Reserva Imbassaí

  • Location: Imbassaí, Bahia - Brasil
  • Built Area: 126 ha m²
  • Customer: informar
  • ABL: informar

Located 65 km from Salvador, 12 km equidistant in two destinations already established, Costa do Sauipe and Praia do Forte, the area has 1.1 km of beach. It consists of different uses,with the following highlighted :the hotel, the singular-and multi-residential, the trade and services, including entertainment
and leisure support the developed activities. In the final phase of deployment, the condominium has an All Inclusive Hotel with 654 rooms, already in operation, a Beach Resort with 210 rooms and a Condominium Hotel with a planned capacity of 240 bedroom apartments.
In the residential segment there are 03 sub-condominiums implanted, a total of 38 houses, 96 terraces and 92 villages. Yet to be implemented , in the final phase of the project, a condominium with an estimated total of 288 apartments. A Social Club with Fitness and Kid’s Club, and a multi-purpose sports center with
tennis courts, poly-sports and society football courts, and condominium support structures to support the structures that are already functioning. The Commercial Village , implanted within the boundaries of the property without extreme access restrictions, integrate the external part and the urban context of the imabassaí village.


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