Francisco Mota

Baiano(from Bahia), born in 1943 in the city of Serrinha living in the interior in Alagoinhas until mid-1958, when his family begins its transfer to alvador , he begins junior high school enrolled in aristas College where he met a classmate, from the first day Andre Sa, thus initiating a success story of friendship and profession. In 1963, he entered Architecture College in the Federal University of Bahia, where he graduated as an Architect in 1968.

Still as a college student, along with Andrew they set up a studio called Toca Architecture where using their natural attributes as designers, they began providing various services for established offices architecture, as well as for graphics-oriented towards various activities, at the time when they already rehearsed their professional career activities serving as architects for an ever growing demand of small projects, even before they graduated.

After graduating in 1968, even without interrupting the partnership with his friend Andre, became very sought for by real estate companies due to a economic “boom” existent at this time, so he decided to take on the new experiences that the various opportunities offered him.

Those were five years of effective learning. Life practice gave him the intuition, the certainty of being ready to face the profession as an architect, with the trails directing his destiny.

In 1975 he founded with his friend Andre Sa, his definitive office ANDRÉ SÁ AND FRANCISCO MOTA ARCHITECTS – AFA.

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