• Location: Entre Rios, Bahia - Brasil
  • Built Area: 369,78 ha m²

For the Massarandupio region a Occupation Plan was developed contemplating the deployment of a condominium specifically for hotels, residences, sports, leisure, golf, shopping, services and infrastructure, seeking to enjoying the beautiful view due to the local topography, while always preserving the environment making it part of the project.

The intention was to increase the tourism investments , establishing guidelines for urban settlement in an approximate area of 2000 km and 369.78 ha in the northern coast of the state of Bahia. The project design was directed with the vision of implementing a touristic entrepreneur faced towards natural potentials, with structured solutions for hotels ,commerce and leisure equipments, in addition to residentials that will add ,in a balanced manner, to the result of a new development that will reflect on the creation of new jobs.

The main access to the enterprise is the BA 867 highway that connects the access to the village of Massarandupió with the Porto Sauipe village. The urban concept elects the balance between occupied spaces and the environment, with proposals that will reflect towards the improvement of life quality for the current residents and the future residents of Massarandupió and Porto Sauipe.

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