Plano Grande Baixio

  • Location: Esplanada, Bahia - Brasil
  • Built Area: 6.297 ha m²

It is located near the town of Baixio, located in the
coastal strip of the City of Esplanada, approximately 119
km from Salvador, fully inserted into the area of the North
Coast. The access area is from Salvador, through Ba-099
highway, towards the border of the state of Sergipe, on the
right side, until reaching km 108 .
The main watercourses in the Mamucabo area that were
object in the APP (Permanent Protection Area) range
are – Swamps: Great Swamp, Mamucabo Swamp,
Marculino Swamp, the Pelador Swamp, the Taboo Swamp,
the Cansa Grão Swamp; Rivers: Caboclo river, Una River,
Mamucabo river, the Boi Creek and the Coça Coça Creek.
An Occupation Plan is being developed that covers the
implementation of a condominium consisting of specific
uses – hotels, the residential and the residential with
services, sports and leisure, culture and leisure, spas, golf,
commerce and the support service for the residential and
hotel activities planned.

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