Shopping Paseo Itaigara

  • Location: Salvador, Bahia - Brasil
  • Built Area: 107.343 m² m²
  • ABL: 4.385 m2

Located in one of the most affluent neighborhoods of Salvador, with the Human Development Index (HDI) similar to that of first world countries, the Paseo Mall is one of the most elegant of the city, providing comfort and convenience in shopping, mainly to the surrounding populations.

Installed in front of the City Park, the mall has always sought the maximum integration of your space green of Itaigara quarter with its wide boulevards and outdoor areas and the use of natural light most of the day.

The project, which features a varied mix of shops, caters to all age groups of customers that have at least one characteristic in common: they want to enjoy quality service and a pleasant atmosphere. Options abound for those seeking the best in accessories and feminine, masculine, bathhouse, pregnant women and children’s fashion, as well as household goods, beauty, technology and services.

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